A woman identified as Patricia A. Lyles and filed a legal complaint through her accident attorney against defendants – K&K Trucking, Neil Aaron Hansen, and FTL Ltd., as reported by The West Virginia Record.

According to the lawsuit, on the 19th of November in 2014, Lyles was a victim of negligence. Allegedly, a truck belonging to K&K Trucking which was driven by Hansen ploughed into the back of her car at considerable speed. As a result, Lyles claims that the accident caused her permanent physical and psychological injuries for which she seeks compensation of an unspecified amount.
The crash occurred at US Highway 119. According to court documents, Lyles was driving on Highway 119 and yielded to a red light when all of a sudden a dump truck rear ended her. She claims that Hansen was deliberately operating the truck in a negligent and dangerous manner. The force of the collision was such that it sent Lyles’ car off the road and into the fields.
Should already know how to use the breaks
According to the lawsuit, the employers of the reckless driver, K&K trucking and FTL ltd were also responsible for the damages as they had failed to properly train and assess their employee before giving him responsibility of a potential death machine. The case will be supervised and decided by Justice Louis Bloom at the Kanawha Circuit Court.
Several boaters hospitalized after accident at Cheat Lake
Emergency calls came in at around 9 pm on Monday night earlier this week reporting that a boat had crashed into the shore on Cheat Lake in Monongalia County. According to a triblive.com report, several of the boat’s occupants sustained moderate to serious injuries and three people even had to be airlifted by a helicopter to a Morgantown Hospital for treatment. Several others, who were not that gravely hurt, were taken to Morgantown Hospital by an ambulance.

West Virginia personal injury and accident laws
Any injury or damage sustained due to the negligence of another person qualifies as a personal injury in West Virginia and the negligent perpetrator maybe sued accordingly for damages. Especially in cases where the negligent person was someone unknown, it is vital to hold them accountable for their actions since this will not only compensate the plaintiff for damages but will also ensure that the guilty person is more aware and less negligent in the future.
For anyone that is filing a personal injury lawsuit or accident lawsuit it is pivotal that they appoint an experienced West Virginia accident attorney to legally represent them. For the most part, the outcome of the lawsuit is almost always directly attributed to the tact of the attorney.
There are many instances which occur in West Virginia which can be classified as a personal injury, these are – car crashes, truck accidents, coal mining catastrophes, workplace injury and illness due to excessive exposure to certain chemicals at workplace.
In West Virginia the outcome of such a lawsuit usually is determined by establishing who was at fault for the undesirable incident. This is usually decided by a judge after having listed to both sides and having analyzed evidence and heard expert and eyewitness testimonies. If you have a case that needs to be taken to court, USAttorneys.com is the place you want to be. You will be able to find a marvelous local attorney that is ready to defend your word.

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