Terrified driver calls 911 to apprehend driver with road rage
A 50 year old woman named Deidre Orozco was arrested for driving into another car and trying to push it off the road. She claims it was an effort to make a citizen’s arrest. She was caught on camera, which recorded her blocking a car with her silver colored truck.
After that she was seen getting out of the car and banging on the window to attract the attention of its driver, a woman named Vanessa Gladieux. The car managed to get away although Orozco continued in hot pursuit down the California freeway I-80 and was seen smashing into the side of the car as she followed it down the freeway.

The terrified driver Gladieux and her fellow passenger Delanie Strykul called 911 for help. The officer helped them get to the side of the freeway and then arrested Orozco. Charges against Orozco include reckless driving and resisting arrest along with assault. Orozco says that Gladieux began the entire incident with her bad driving.
The defendant speaks on her behalf
Orozco has said that she was trying to make a citizen’s arrest after she observed Gladieux texting and driving erratically, almost hitting other cars.
She defended her aggressive behavior captured on film as an attempt to detain Gladieux until the authorities came along to arrest her for reckless driving. However, Gladieux has denied all allegations of driving dangerously.
The video footage captured on a cell phone shows Orozco shouting and blowing her car horn vigorously before she rammed her big silver colored truck into the Gladieux’s comparatively small Mazda. The footage also shows Orozco pulling up in front of the victims in an attempt to forcefully stop them, claiming she was a highway deputy. What the?! According to Placer County, CA accident attorneys following the case, the accused can face multiple charges.
The victims say her behavior made them fear for their lives
When they refused to open the door and speak with her she continued yelling and knocking on their window saying she was a state deputy.
The two women somehow got away but Orozco followed them they said. She behaved like a police officer, swerving through three lanes with her flashers on. They said that her enraged behavior scared them and it was very fortunate she was not carrying a gun, which could have only exacerbated the already tense situation.
They decided to call 911 and were advised to get off the road at a specific point for CA Hwy Patrol officer waiting for them.
They followed the instructions given and went off the road. Orozco followed them and was arrested by the police on multiple charges. She was taken to Placer County Jail. It is still unclear whether she has appointed an attorney.
Orozco arrested twice in five days
Five days before this incident the same woman had been charged with a hit and run near Roseville. Her rage was evident after the accident when she went to a relative’s house and threw rocks inside, vandalized the home, and threatened to harm the occupants. The dual arrest of Orozco in a space of five days makes it clear that the woman was driving while being psychologically impaired. Orozco’s days of being allowed to drive and walk around freely should be over now.

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