First responders at the crash site were members of both Norwalk Fire Department and also Westport Fire Department. According to eye witnesses which will soon perhaps be interviewed by accident lawyers in Stamford, CT, the victim’s car finally came to a rest about 40 feet away from the Merritt Parkway near exit 41. Auto accident investigators are in the process of trying to determine how the car accident occurred.

As reported by, the victim has been identified by authorities as 51 year old Lisa C Brown from Main Street. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was declared dead by medical staff shortly after she was brought in.

Woman calling insurance after car accident crash

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Another person who was seated in the front passenger side has been identified as 40 year old Donell Terrence Alston and he is currently being treated at Norwalk Hospital. He is said to be in a stable medical condition and is expected to recuperate fully soon after having sustained injuries described as moderate in nature.
As per the police report which has been filed in connection with the car accident, Brown was driving a 2004 Lexus GS 300 and was travelling in a northerly direction when her car for some reason veered off the roadway in the proximity of Twin Oaks Lane, located near exit 41. The Lexus, after it went off the road, rammed into a tree at a substantial speed before it turned over and came to a rest on its roof.
Accident lawyers in Stamford, CT, who can be found on the spectacular website, point out that according to statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2015 alone there were 266 crashes within the state borders. Of these 108 were car accidents, which account for 41% of the overall auto accidents.
Driver Charged and Arrested in Accident Which Killed Pedestrian
A driver that hit an 18 year old pedestrian which resulted in her death has been apprehended and charged with causing the auto accident. The suspect has been identified as 37 year old Wilson Villa-Cabrera who hails from Ecuador and his victim was 18 year old Karina Tinajero-Arreguin who was attempting to make her way across the street, according to
Firefighters helping an injured woman in a car

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The suspect is being held in custody in lieu of bond worth $50,000 and his passport has also been seized. He has been charged with misconduct with a motor vehicle since he did not stop after the crash, which is common in such cases say Connecticut accident lawyers for someone who does not stop after a crash and try to render assistance. It is not known whether or not he has an accident lawyer to represent him in the case or whether he will need to be appointed a public defendant.
Does he know English? Should people who do not know English be able to drive? That is the question.
Villa-Cabrera was not drunk nor on drugs and distracted driving does not seem to be a factor. But he still hit her. Tinajero-Arreguin was not in the crosswalk though but still the driver should have been able to avoid this high school student.
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