A woman who was arrested for having caused a deadly vehicle accident in Lexington in which one person lost his life has now been released from custody after she posted bond. As reported by lex18.com, the suspect has been identified as Alexandria Rankin.

She posted $7,500 as bond for the charge of second degree manslaughter and an additional $500 for the charge of DUI before she was set free. Leading auto accident lawyers in Lexington, KY point out that these charges are typical in such cases. And there is no firm better at this legal game than the Troutman Law Office. The Troutman Law Office knows the law in this part of the country and has made a golden name for itself based on their record of zealously defending their clients and knowing how to attack the other side’s case.

Little girl strapped into a childs safety seat

Auto accident lawyers in Lexington, KY know what is on the line in car accidents. This is beyond precious cargo; this is a child. If you are in a car accident you need the Troutman Law Office on your side. This terrific law firm knows the law and know how to gather evidence to construct a solid case for their client.

The auto accident occurred on Friday just past midnight in Lexington and she was released on bond by Friday afternoon confirm law enforcement officers. The auto accident site has been described in police reports as the intersection between Athens and Boonesboro Road and Hays Boulevard.
The victim of the accident has been identified as 23 year old Robert Spencer Hatler who was driving a truck which overturned and caused Hatler to be ejected. When a responding medical emergency crew went to check on him, he was unresponsive and they eventually pronounced him dead on the scene itself after checking his vitals.
Hatler was a native of Winchester who attended Transylvania University. Investigators also confirmed that he played baseball for George Rogers Clark High School. Accident investigators and accident reconstruction units were on the scene for nearly nine hours.
Auto Accident in Lexington Kills One and Leaves another Critically Injured
A car accident that occurred overnight in Lexington has left one with serious injuries and in a precarious medical condition and has claimed the life of another, according to lex18.com. Accident lawyers in Lexington, Kentucky are saddened by these series of events.
body damage in car accident
As per authorities, the driver of the car involved in the accident was supposedly killed on the scene and the passenger was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.
The deceased has been identified by the Fayette County Coroner as Jordan O’ Brien, 34, of from Fayette County.
Law enforcement officers suspect that high speed and alcohol were both contributing factors to the car accident, which was a single vehicle accident. The car that the two persons in question were travelling in ploughed into a tree after veering off the roadway. It is never something to be content about when you hit a sizeable tree when you are you in your car.
Evidence in the form of video footage or eye witness statements along with statements by the surviving passenger and the police report can play a vital role in establishing liability and any insurance related claims, say Kentucky accident attorneys.
Interstate 75 Accident Leaves Two Persons Severely Hurt
Two semi-trucks collided on Interstate 75 near the 144 mile marker and caused all lanes of the Interstate to be cordoned off from public access. According to a witness, one semi veered across the median from the northbound lanes and was struck by the other semi.
As reported by lex18.com, the crash has left the drivers of both the semis with serious injuries and they both had to be airlifted to nearby medical facilities for emergency treatment. The auto accident is still under investigation. The driver who drove off the median though is obviously probably the guilty driver.
If you are victim of an auto accident and you wish to sue the at-fault driver talk to an accident lawyer in Kentucky such as the Troutman Law Office to determine other alternatives to compensate you fairly without getting involved in an expensive legal battle. The Troutman Law Office knows which legal avenue to take your case and when to take it there. Call them today!

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