Michelle Orf and Laura King from Missouri are the plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by their personal injury attorney against Central Trucking Inc and David Rogers. The lawsuit has been filed in Madison County Circuit Court and it accuses the Trucking Company and the driver in question of professional negligence.

The lawsuit stems from a motor accident that occurred in 2013. Reportedly, the two women were driving along on March 24th, 2013 when their car was hit from the back by a huge tractor-trailer being driven by David Rogers.
As per a report in the Madison Record, the lawsuit names Central Trucking Inc and David Rogers as defendants. The women claim that Rogers was not attentive and could have avoided the accident by a number of ways. It further alleges that the driver did not sound the horn, failed to keep vigil, failed to slow-down, and stop or even turn away from the victim’s car.
As a result of the accident, both women suffered considerable personal injury and had to undergo extensive medical treatment. They are seeking compensation for their expenses which they claim is around $10,000 including legal fees.
Missouri Governor Nixon denies pleas to retry trial in which man was handed the death sentence
52-year old Andre Cole was executed on Tuesday night. Cole had been handed the dreadful death sentence for a murder that he had committed 16-years ago.
The fact that he was judged by an all-white jury sparked debate. The National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) had argued that the state had intentionally opted out of appointing any colored or black jurors. Perhaps there was none available. On top of this, murder is murder – if someone commits murder does it matter what skin color the jury is?
Cole’s attorney had even brought to the attention of the jury that Cole suffered from psychosis and often heard voices in his head that drove him to do some of the things he did. His attorney remarked saying that what he required was medical treatment and not execution. Other people believe anyone this crazy should be executed and many people hear voices in their head, they just do not commit immoral acts.
Good riddance!
The NAACP went as far as to take the matter to Gov. Nixon, they requested him to immediately stop the execution and investigate the legal proceeding for racial bias. Seemingly, their requests fell upon deaf ears. As per PressTV, the all-white jury passed the verdict which found Cole to be guilty and well deserving of the death penalty.

Accident laws in the state of Missouri
According to Kansas City accident attorneys, the State of Missouri enforces a statute of limitations when it comes to personal injury claims. The statute of limitations basically dictates that there is a maximum time period for persons to file personal injury claims.
This time period in Missouri is 5 years. Basically, after an accident or personal injury, the victim and his or her accident attorney is allowed up to five years from the day of the accident to file their legal complaint. Such intricacies are well understood by attorneys hired through USAttorneys.com which is a wonderful website for anyone looking for a local lawyer.
Missouri, like most other states, also favors and adopts the comparative share fault rule. This implies that financial liabilities will have to be shared by all parties involved in the crash. The financial burden they will have to bear is directly proportional to the extent of their fault in causing the accident or personal injury. This is determined by a court of law.

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