A judge recently sentenced a Worden, Madison County man to four years in prison after he pleaded guilty to charges of driving under the influence that led to the death of Allen Wempe, 26, of Staunton in an accident on Route 4 on March 25th, 2012. According to Springfield, Illinois accident attorneys following the case, the judge sentenced Roger Stryker to one more year than the minimum.

The defendant, whose defense attorney claims is an avid dirt track race driver, has formed an organization ‘Responsible Racers’ and completed an alcohol treatment program. The accident attorney had used these points in his arguments in order to obtain the minimum possible sentence.
Judge explains basis of decision
Gullible and liberal Judge Kyle Napp who was of the opinion that Stryker was sorry for his actions ordered the sentencing. However, the judge observed that the victim was considered a kind and compassionate man. While addressing members of the defendant’s and victim’s families, Napp reiterated that she was only following the law while meting out the sentence and was not in a position to impose any sentence that could truly compensate the family’s loss.
Stryker’s defense attorney also argued that probation was applicable in the case since it was allowed under extraordinary circumstances. However, the judge denied extraordinary circumstances and said that the defendant had claimed responsibility for his actions. Napp said the defendant would have to serve nothing less than 85 percent of his sentence. Stryker was remorseful during the sentencing and apologized to the victim’s family. His attorney said his client was guilt ridden and would carry the burden of responsibility.
But a man’s life is only worth four years? How about fifteen? Did the judge lie when she said she could not put him in jail for a longer bit of time?
Another avoidable accident
According to police reports, Stryker, who was travelling northbound on Illinois Route 4 at Klenke Road, crossed the center line and collided with Wempe’s car head on. The impact sent the victim’s car down an embankment. Stryker fled the scene of the accident, which Springfield, Illinois accident attorneys suggest is a wrong decision in the event of any accident. His blood tests indicated a blood-alcohol level of 0.14 percent, almost twice the legal limit under Illinois DUI laws.
The Assistant State’s Attorney said that in addition to running away from the scene of the accident Stryker also misguided the police and claimed that another person named ‘Jim’ was behind the wheel at the time of the accident. The prosecution also said that Stryker told the police he did not remember the accident since he had blacked out.
Prosecutors pushed for a 10 year sentence out of a maximum of 14 years. They also argued that Stryker did not have any excuse since he was aware of the consequences of drinking and driving after being injured in an accident previously. Katie Nowell, the victim’s sister, was of the opinion that had injustice had been done to Wempe. She considered it a light sentence which should have been much closer to what the prosecution asked for.
So it does appear the judge was not telling the truth when she said she could not increase the punishment.
Pedestrian critically injured in hit and run accident in Normal, IL
In other accident related news, a 20 year old Illinois State University student was injured in a hit and run traffic accident on the corner of College and Fell Avenues. According to the Normal Police Department, the male student was unresponsive and was rushed to Advocate BroMenn Medical Center. Eye witnesses said a tan-colored 1998 Toyota Corolla was possibly involved in the collision. Following investigations, Joshua M. Dunn, a 21 year old Normal resident was arrested and is currently held on charges of leaving the scene of accident at McLean County Jail.
That is a happy ending.

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