Law enforcement has confirmed that a second fatal wrong way accident has occurred in the metro-Atlanta area within 24 hours of the first accident, as reported by Atlanta accident lawyers are busy in both cases.
According to police reports, the latest accident occurred on Georgia 400 in the proximity of Forsyth County. Supposedly, two vehicles ploughed into one another head on and the impact claimed the life of one woman involved. Emergency calls started coming in early in the morning at around 4 am of a head on collision. Dispatchers sent out emergency crews and responders to assist with the call right away.

The decedent has been identified as 21 year old Maria Gonzalez from Cumming, Gerogia. The other woman involved in the accident has also been identified, 27 year old Ashley Held who was trapped in her mangled car. Rescuers were able to pry her free but she was critically hurt and is currently being treated at Grady Hospital for possible life threatening injuries. She was air lifted from the crash site to Grady Hospital.
Alcohol or drug impairment is possibly suspected to be a contributing factor to the accident, according to investigators. The crash occurred just at the crest of a hill and it is more than likely that the two women drivers did not see the other one until it was too late.
Son of Atlanta Police Chief was given special treatment
31 year old Timothy Turner is an Atlanta Police Department Officer and his father is the Chief of the Atlanta Police Department. Other Atlanta Police Department Officers have now said that Timothy Turner was given special treatment in an accident investigation involving him, according to a report.
Nepotism at its worst
Apparently, Turner was involved in causing an accident. This accident, they say, was the second one he was involved in a span of 30 days. The shocking part is that the officers, who have requested not to be identified, allege that the accident never was investigated simply because Turner is the son of the Chief of the Atlanta Police Department.
Rollover Vehicle Accident at Busy Intersection With Emergency Pe
According to Officer Turner’s records, he has been in the subject of as many as seven investigations which include two car accidents. Since it has transpired that the accident was never investigated nor was Turner held liable for his negligent driving, it has become big news in the Atlanta Police Department as other officers say they want to see action being taken.
Apparently, an Atlanta accident attorney should just follow Turner around since he is so accident prone. Any other of these officers would have had to already have used to find a stellar accident lawyer. It looks like you will never require an attorney for anything if your father is the COP.
Auto accident legislation in Georgia
It is always best to hire an experienced Georgia accident attorney when involved in an accident. The reasoning for this is simple, accident laws are extensive and the legal procedures surrounding auto accidents are complicated, a good lawyer will be able to handle the legal issues for you, issues like liability laws, insurance contracts, Medicare, health insurance plans, lien rights of hospitals and doctors, etc.
In addition, an Atlanta accident attorney will always be able to make sure you receive fair compensation that what you can ever achieve by yourself. Hire an attorney today!

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