21-year old Madison Pratt Best from St. Petersburg has been charged with a DUI and is being held on a $500 bond. The woman was apprehended after she struck a police officer’s car when she was driving in a northerly direction in a southbound lane of Martin Luther King Street.

The charge was made after she declined to take field sobriety and breathalyzer tests. According to St. Petersburg FL accident attorneys, first time DUI offenders who refuse a test are liable to have their driving license suspended for one year.
According to the police reports, an officer who had just entered Martin Luther King Street noticed a green colored Lexus driving the wrong way, head-on into oncoming traffic. The officer switched on his emergency lights as soon as he realized what was going on and pursued the Lexus, but the female driver of the Lexus did not yield to his emergency lights and instead kept driving in an attempt to get away. She collided with the officer’s cruiser which spun around and ended up on a patch of grass due to the impact.
The officer did call in the collision on his radio but further communications with the officer could not be established as he had stopped responding. His GPS location was confirmed and back up units were dispatched to the location to check on the situation. When additional officers arrived on scene they found him lying in the grass beside the cruiser, he was awake but in a state of shock.
The perpetrator escaped without any injuries. But now she has a series of crimes being charges against her.
Young couple and their unborn child killed as vehicle crashed into their mobile home
21-year old Ivan Carlos, 18-year old Brenda Avilez, and their unborn baby were all tragically killed while asleep when a Chevrolet SUV crashed into their mobile home. The incident occurred early Wednesday morning at around 2:30 am in Palmetto.
Reportedly the northbound truck lost control and crossed the median and entered the south bound lanes of US 41 before crashing into the mobile home.
The driver was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The reason for his apparent loss of control is still a mystery, impairment due to drugs or alcohol has been ruled out. The possibility of a pre-existing medical condition that could have suddenly impaired him has also been ruled out. Investigators are still trying to understand what exactly transpired.
The driver is reportedly cooperating with the authorities. Brenda Avilez was 9 months pregnant and was due for child birth this month.
Police officer killed in shooting range mishap
33-year old Jared Forysth is originally from Lockport but was working as an Ocala police officer. He was killed in a firing range accident that took place at Lowell Correctional Institute. Reportedly, another police officer was unloading his weapon when he unintentionally triggered a shot that somehow bounced off a bench before hitting Forysth.
Forsyth was killed despite wearing a bullet proof vest as the bullet entered the side of his torso through his arm. When are vests going to cover this area?
Car accident regulations in Florida
According to St. Petersburg FL accident attorneys, Florida motorists must be aware of is that Florida is a No-fault state when it comes to a car accident. What this means is that a driver involved in a car crash will seek to receive compensation from his or her own car insurance provider irrespective of who was at fault for the accident which does not make too much sense. If you need to hire a local accident attorney in Florida, simply use USAttorneys.com which has an extensive list of lawyers for you to choose from.
There are a select few instances where an exception can be made and a lawsuit maybe filed by a personal injury lawyer against the driver at fault. This is applicable only when injuries sustained are of a permanent nature and/or the impact results in permanent scarring or disfiguration.

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