It has been exactly one year since a news helicopter, soon after lift-off, spun out of control and crashed into morning traffic in Seattle. The accident killed both people on board and left one on the ground with third degree burns. The horrific crash was caught on tape by several security cameras.

It was also witnessed by construction workers operating in the area that were accustomed to seeing the helicopter make its routine flight in the mornings and of course the people that were driving on the roads that day. It was rather coincidental that one of the witnesses happened to be an aviation accident attorney who in an interview spoke about the application of significant and technical sciences to uncover what went wrong.
The National Transportation Safety Board has made a statement that an official accident report is ready and is in its final review stage, it may be another two months before this report is released. The NTSB has been working in conjunction with the European JAA since the helicopter (AS 350 B2) was of a French design. Apparently this department did not want to buy an American helicopter for some strange reason.
The two people on board were pilot, Gary Pfitzner, a part time pilot and a long term employee of the aircraft manufacturing giants Boeing, and long term KOMO photographer Bill Strothman.
It has been considered that the pilot, who was rated on two separate helicopters and operated both types of helicopters, could have made a human error due to the differences in cockpit layout between the two models.
Oil train crash – will lawmakers act before a similar crash occurs in Washington?
Another one bites the dust! As lawmakers delay passing safety bills because they cannot come to agreement on which bill to adopt, yet another oil train carrying 100 tankers of crude oil has derailed, crashed, and burned in West Virginia last month. This is why America needs the Keystone pipeline – nothing is safer for transporting oil than a pipeline.
According to Seattle accident attorneys, the two bills in consideration are HB 1449, backed by environmentalist and democrats who are normally rich and already own their own home, and SB 5057, supported by railroads, oil companies, Republicans, and anyone else who wants to see lower energy prices for hard working Americans, jobs for high school and college graduates, and less money going to the Middle East for their oil.
The growth in the number of oil trains crossing the Washington border has gone up from 1 train in 2012 to 19 weekly in 2014 and this number is set to increase exponentially by up to 7 times the current number by the year 2020 according to the Department of Ecology because this state has not built enough pipelines which are super safe. This state has obviously dropped the ball in terms of energy infrastructure.
68 year old man shoots wife in chest; claims it was an accident
Gary Crandell has been arrested for man slaughter and could face a lengthy prison sentence if convicted. He denies that he shot his wife on purpose. Mr. Crandell’s attorney supported him saying that what transpired was an unfortunate accident.
Crandell was found trying to revive his wife Jeannie by performing CPR when deputies arrived on scene.
Crandell maintains that he was cleaning out his gun and was under the impression that it was not loaded when he accidentally triggered off a shot that killed his wife who was across the kitchen chopping vegetables. Breath tests indicated a blood alcohol level higher than the legal limit to drive. His neglect should cost him according to many people.

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