Young accident victim in Baker needed to be rushed to the hospital

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Baker, LA – Motor vehicle accidents can affect anyone. Those who are driving or a passenger in a vehicle always have the risk of being harmed by the actions of someone else, and this can be totally outside of their control. However, things like auto insurance and civil accident lawsuits help pay for the costs of any accident. Those who have been hurt during a crash have the option of speaking to a lawyer in their area to get advice about lawsuits and the process to receive compensation.  

Local news for the Baton Rouge area reported that four individuals, with one being a child, were seriously hurt when an accident happened on Louisiana Highway 19 [1].

Child is seriously hurt in highway crash that required an airlift

The crash took place in Baker on a Wednesday morning. Police stated that the child was ejected from one of the cars involved in the crash, and the services of an airlift were needed to bring this child to a local hospital. Out of the others involved, other adults needed to be transported as well with two adults in stable condition and one in critical condition. There were no details given about the cause of the crash or specifics regarding the vehicles involved. 

The purpose of liability insurance

All drivers in Louisiana are required to carry liability insurance that can cover several thousand dollars worth of accident damage that they caused. This includes things like the medical treatment of others involved in the crash, as well as coverage for property damage. If a driver is found without this coverage, they can face serious consequences. 

Civil lawsuits

A negligence case may be necessary in situations where the driver’s insurance company does not offer enough compensation. This kind of lawsuit allows the victim and their attorney to come up with a number that represents the total of their losses, as well as additional compensation for pain and suffering. However, the amount demanded in a civil lawsuit also needs to be realistic and reflect the person’s actual injuries. Louisiana law also allows fault for the accident to be divided between everyone involved through the comparative negligence system. This means that a driver who is somewhat at fault for their own injuries can still possibly collect money. 

Louisiana accident attorneys are available

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a law firm that handles accident cases in Baker and other parts of Louisiana. Their attorneys can provide additional advice about the process to receive compensation during a meeting. 

USAttorneys.com is a service that works with people who need to find lawyers in their city or state. Anyone who needs assistance can call 800-672-3103 to learn more about a referral. 

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