20-year old Autumn Marie Jenkins, a resident of Nanjemoy, was a promising youth with a bright future ahead of her. She was the apple of her parents’ eyes. The young woman was making all the right decisions and was already very mature for her age. She did a lot of volunteer work and was had even enrolled at the Nanjemoy Fire Department where she had worked passionately for five years as both a fire fighter and an Emergency Medical Technician.
Sadly, her life was taken away from her earlier this week in a terrible car crash, as reported by wusa9.com. Her Kia was hit head on by another vehicle in La Plata, Maryland. According to police reports, the incident occurred at about five minutes past 9 pm on Maryland State Highway 425 near the area of Nanjemoy.
According to police reports, a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado was travelling in a northerly direction and Jenkins’ Kia was travelling in the opposite direction when they collided with each other. The Chevrolet Silverado was being driven by a man identified as 23-year old Darren Loyce Windsor, a resident of Indian Head, Maryland. Windsor has been accused of failing to maintain his traffic lane and of failing to drive right of center.

Jenkins’ Kia went off the highway and into a grass field while the Chevrolet Silverado came to a screeching halt on the highway itself. According to State Police Officers who responded to the accident, alcohol was a factor in the crash. Windsor was rushed to a nearby hospital but was in a stable condition and only sustained non-life threatening injuries.
Now he should do 20 years in prison – no less. Both parties here may want to spend time on USAttorneys.com since they both will need striking representation real soon.
DC Junkyard musician one among the two dead in a fatal motorcycle accident
According to a Maryland State Police Report, two persons have succumbed to their injuries after a motorcycle rear ended a pickup truck recently on US route 301.
The deceased have been identified as 47-year old Derek Anthony Colquitt, a resident of Washington DC, and 34-year old Jeri Lanelle Whorton, a resident of White Plains, Maryland.
According to investigators, the Harley Davidson motorcycle caught fire immediately afterwards and crashed into the back of a pickup truck. Colquitt, a band member who played the bass for DC’s Junkyard Band was the one riding the motorcycle with Whorton riding pillion. Colquitt died on the spot and Whorton was rushed to a nearby hospital where she eventually succumbed to her injuries, according to wusa9.com.
Former delegate instructed to pay $92,000 for causing a boat accident
Back in 2013, an intoxicated state delegate from Pasadena, identified as Don Dwyer, operated and crashed a boat which left multiple persons injured. As per CBS Local, he is going to have to pay up to compensate one of his victims. A lawsuit resulted in a court trial which found Dwyer guilty and ordered him to pay $92,000 to Earl Mitchell to compensate him for his medical expenses.
Basics – accident laws in Maryland
According to Landover, MD accident attorneys, Maryland is one of the state’s that recognizes the traditional contributory negligence law when it comes to an accident. Basically, when two parties are involved in the car crash, an investigation will determine who was at fault. If it is established that party “A” was at 100% fault then party “A” will have to financially bear all of the damages caused.
However, if for arguments sake, it is determined that party “A” was 50% fault and party “B” was 50% at fault, then they will have to split the costs. Likewise, the court will order the involved persons to pay a certain portion of the damages depending on how responsible they were for the accident.
Another vital aspect is to remember which accident attorneys already know is that the statute of limitations dictate that a personal injury lawsuit or property damage cannot be filed after a period of three years from the date of the incident.

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