Some accidents occur even when a driver does not appear to be affected by any other vehicles or traffic. In these situations, it is still important to determine what the actual cause may have been for the purposes of legal actions or insurance issues.

A man who drove off of a cliff and into the Colorado River near the border of Yuma County, Arizona and California was identified by law enforcement. 

Man dies after his vehicle goes off of a cliff near Yuma

The investigation was handled by the California Highway Patrol. They said that the 39 year old male victim was going eastbound on Quechan Road and going towards the intersection of Quechan Drive. At some point during his drive between these two streets, the victim’s vehicle started to drift off of the side of the road for unknown reasons. The car eventually went off of the edge of a cliff in a southeastern direction and into the river below. 

A witness nearby, who works at the Yuma Territorial Prison, started to assist the victim as soon as he saw the victim’s Toyota Scion leave the road surface. The witness claimed that his adrenaline started rushing and he ran over to the accident scene. He also said that it was immediately obvious that the victim had sustained serious injuries. 

A few people in the area tried to flip the car rightside up to see if anyone else was trapped inside. They worked with first responders to break a window and remove the victim from the vehicle. It seemed that the victim still had a pulse when he was first removed, but he died a short time later from his injuries. 

The California Highway Patrol said that they think speed was the main factor in causing the accident. They confirmed that the victim had Arizona license plates, but did not release any other details about him. The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office and a tow truck worked together to pull the vehicle out of the water after the victim was transported away and the area was secured. 

Who is at fault in a single vehicle accident?

There are a number of factors that determine fault in any motor vehicle accident, and these should always be examined to see whether the victim will be eligible for compensation for their injuries through a civil lawsuit or insurance claims. Your attorney can review the situation and related evidence to see if a defective vehicle, construction obstacles, or anything else on the road affected the driver. 

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