People who have to consistently drive as part of their career or for hobbies have to put themselves at risk every time they get in their vehicles. 

Local news reported that a driver was killed during a race event in Yuma, Arizona.

Race track incident causes a stroke and eventual death of one driver

An investigation showed that the victim’s car hit a berm on the infield section of the track, then flipped over several times afterward. The event included a small track that was about three eighths of a mile at Cocopah Speedway. The impact from the crash caused a blood clot, which led to a stroke while he was being transported to a local hospital. The victim was airlifted to a regional medical center in Palm Springs, California, but died from his injuries shortly afterward. The stroke was apparently so severe that it immediately caused permanent brain damage and loss of several functions.  

The victim’s father said that the one vehicle accident looked violent, but those kinds of crashes are common in races and rarely result in serious injuries. Unfortunately, his son was not so lucky.

The victim was a well known driver from San Diego who drove car number 44 at various events around the country. His family often went with him to most of his races, and he had also mentored a number of other drivers in recent years. 

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help offset their expenses. The entire local racing community in his hometown of San Diego, California mourned his death. 

The dangers of driving

Even though most Americans drive every day, it is usually the most dangerous thing we do and the odds of getting in an automobile accident at some point are high. For people who are commercial drivers, race car drivers, ride sharing drivers, and other occupations that involve lots of time behind the wheel, this risk goes way up. Even when taking all necessary safety precautions, it is difficult to predict what other drivers will do, or when an unforeseen obstacle can cause serious problems.

The legal process following a car crash

After a motor vehicle accident, it is important to get legal help to pay for various costs such as medical treatment, lost wages, or even a funeral for a deceased family member. A civil negligence case is normally filed by a plaintiff’s injury attorney to begin this process and get payments for their clients. 

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